Wednesday, July 23

New Blog: Walk Dartmoor

The influence of the UK Outdoor Bloggers 'On Tour' strikes again? Well possibly.

We're a bit like chicken pox. Itchy. Persistent at times. But inevitably something that stops you going sterile when you're older.

Err .....that analogy doesn't seem to have worked out quite as I expected.

Anyway, a casual chat over a pint Saturday night; Some initial playing around with website layouts; And .......Voila.........Another Blog appears.

This time hewn from the primordial Dartmoor bogland. No doubt formed from mud, sphagnum moss...and one or two other things perhaps.

Shamus, for those who know his alter ego on Outdoors Magic talks a fair amount of sense; Knows how to place his tongue firmly into cheek when mood takes; And like most of us will undoubtedly succumb to drivel when backed into the bottom of yet another empty pint glass.

But he's also a man at one with Dartmoor's wilderness, and after talking with him it's clear the place has got under his skin. Understandable IMHO. If his knowledge of the area can be shared via his Blog then that will be a real benefit to those reading it.

Walk Dartmoor - "I am all too aware that I spend so much time running, hiking, teaching navigation and wild camping on Dartmoor that I ought to share it in some way. I enjoy photographing the moor and reading about the prehistoric people of Dartmoor; my ancestors I suppose! So I hope some of this may be of use to you"

Usually my blog recommendations are made after that difficult birthing period. But in this case I'm guessing Shamus is one of those people who will react well under pressure.

So check his Blog out and chip in any support you'd care to offer. And remember to very nice. He has a large dog with an affinity for picking up skulls.

Don't say you weren't warned.


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I'll go with that Mr Hee! Seemed like a good bloke with lots of things worth listening to.

Enjoyed a pint too
I think you guys must have had a few too many the other night ;')

Thanks for the introduction John. Just picking up from where we left off - tarps, what's the point of em?

I shall retire to a safe distance now.
Hi Shamus

Tried to leave a comment on your lats poast about tarps, but could not fathom how to do it! The comments bit seems to have disappeared.

Is it me? (I have to say, it usually is...)

Love & cuddles,
The Pied Piper aka The Wizard of the Valves
Ooo Now that I dont Know the answer too Alan. Can anyone offer guidance?

Ahh sorted it!

Comment away,as it were.
Thanks Shamus - It's a jungle out there - all the techie stuff does me in!1
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