Friday, July 25

Covetted thy neighbour's wife recently? How about her handbag

I've studiously ignored many of the latest 'super-light/float-on-a-bit-of-string-made-out-of-recycled-crisp-packet-and-dental-floss' backpacks.

My old kit may weigh more than I'd ideally prefer but compared to the potential weight saving balanced against replacement cost and load carrying ability/flexibility/robustness I've remained largely unimpressed.

Until today.

The following is summary from Outdoor Magic where you can see some great pictures as well (and thanks Jon Doran for putting the original article together)

Its generating a lot of interest already, and I'd heartily recommend you pop over to OM to follow the discussion for yourself. Earlier Martin Osprey himself popped up to clarify some of the detail which I've selected peices from to give an idea of what the pack is about:

"Osprey Exos is for the superlight single-day up to expedition trekker who wants a fully featured, fully lightweight ventilated pack. It uses a new airspeed, fully-suspended mesh 'trampoline' ventilation backsystem. The gap is significantly less than other ventilated pack currently on the market and is one reason the Exos (46 model) won the Silver medal in the OutDoor Industry Awards 2008 at Friedrichshafen.

It has a floating fully-removeable lid to extend capacity by approx 10ltr. A 58 litre pack (with a floating lid +10 ltr for extra capacity!) weighs in at only 990g.

Available in the Ember Orange/Silver colour .......release in Jan 09"

Weight & size sounds ideal (Now please don't bugger it all up by pricing it too high!)

I may not want to carry 60ltr of kit, but having the capacity to do it remains a requirement when travelling between locations using public transport. Finally a bag that seems to balance the items I look for nicely, assuming the back system works as planned.

I think I'm in love, and I've not even seen this in the flesh as yet.

If anyone from Osprey happens to be reading this can I blag a demo for an extended field test?

Pretty please.

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I agree - look very sexy.

I might just be in line to get one too - as my Osprey Kestrel (the second one now) is displaying exactly the same fault as the first one - the sleeve around the shoulder harness is twisting around the core, causing the top tension strap 'keepers' to be under the shoulder straps which is very uncomfortable.

I might just ask the shop to take it back (again) and get me a new one of these beauties.
It has a floating lid which if it works in the same way as the one on a Z55 or the macpac that I used to own (note use of past tense here) it wont even get past the garden gate...
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Yes indeed, that is a very nice handbag. May I have one please
I dont need a new pack.....OK that might not be true. That does look a good pack...I ditched Osprey, Alan's keeps going wrong...It does look a nice pack saying all that. I'll look at the 48L one and maybe just maybe.
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