Tuesday, August 5

Call Out Mountain Rescue book

Courtesy of ever excellent Grough Outdoor News I'm now working my way through the Mountain Rescue's latest publication 'A pocket guide to safety on the hill'.

Unexpectedly, despite its A6 compact size its a little weighty at 250+g so those ultralightweighters amongst you may have to consider leaving something out the pack if this is to be slipped in alongside the first-aid kit. It's likely to prove as useful to be honest, full creative hints & tips alongside standard procedures for safety, rescue and first aid.

Editor Judy Whiteside has done a great job in putting together an excellent precis of key information for hardy outdoor types who play out on the hills, but may one day find themselves in a spot of less welcome bother. Or perhaps, as is more likely, come across others needing our assistance.

I was lucky enough to receive mine as a competition prize, but if you get a chance to leaf through a copy I suspect you'll pick one up as a quick reminder of how to be safer doing what we enjoy most.

The blurb on Amazon gives a flavour:".... preparation and route planning, what to take on the hill and how to pack it, how best to stay safe in the mountains and what to do if you have an accident .........a run down of the mountain rescue call-out procedure and how to relay the relevant information to the emergency services - plus a potted history of mountain rescue and some useful advice on publications, websites and organisations with which to hone your skills and research your trip....this book is essential reading for the outdoor enthusiast"

I'm only half way through it and have already found a couple of useful tips that I was aware of from personal trial & error, but which I rarely see practiced on my trips into the hills.

Along with the book, a leaflet. Reminding me about the Mountain Rescue Team BASECAMP supporter organisation set up in April 2007. Something I'd meant to join soon after it formed, but had overlooked. In recognition of this freebie, and as a stalwart MRT supporter of many years, it only seems fair I should get that omission sorted asap.

Does that mean I'll get the Added-Value service from the MRT if I wear the Basecamp Badge?

On reflection, I'd rather not find out!

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I will get that book. Used Mountain Rescue once. Long tale - no one was lost or injured and all were well equipped. A tale for another bloggers gathering I think.
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