Thursday, August 7

Free Walker's Route Card program

Phil Kirby is currently developing a simple Route Card application. Still in the design stage and free to download/try out. Phil's interested in feedback and already has some constructive thoughts over on his Outdoors Magic thread.

"This is a simple solution designed to allow walkers, hikers and runners to record their planned route and print out a detailed route card to take with them for reference, or to leave a record of their planned journey in case they get lost or are over.

You just enter the details of your route, including the length of each leg and your estimated rest stops and it calculates the time for you. You can also set a preferred walking pace and an ascent rate as preferences so that these are factored in.

I've also included a facility to tweak both of these on a route by route basis so that if you are planning a walk that includes perhaps someone who does not walk as fast, this can be adjusted without resetting the preferences.

I'd appreciate any feedback and also suggestions for improvements. Trial version is at present limited to 10 routes (just until I finish testing it)"

There's more detail and the download itself over at Phil's site.

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Many thanks for the tip, John. I love gadgets almost as much as kit :) I'll go and check it out.
Any safty idea is a good one. Lets hope it catches on.
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