Sunday, August 17

A New Forest scene

I really must think about upgrading my present mobile phone. Not that it needs it for the majority of my day to day requirements. But I've noticed that I'm increasingly finding more photo opportunities whilst out on my weekend walkabouts. And the technology has moved on a pace over the last two years which make my present 640 x 480 pixels somewhat restrictive when it comes to viewing the picture I thought I'd taken at the time.
Hence the quality of the shot above capturing a moment of stillness last Saturday morning in Wilverley Enclosure, near Burley. But you'll need to peer closely at the snap to see what I mean I'm afraid.

Myself and one dog (the other not up to lengthy exercise these days) An area popular with holidaymakers out for a wander along the well established tracks that invitingly radiate from the large car park on the edge of the enclosure.

At this time of year a consequence of the increased human activity is that the deer move off to more obscure parts of their territory. But for some reason these two chose to show themselves as I quietly slipped along a quieter byway away from the main tracks.

Dog by my side, I squatted down onto my heels for a few minutes to watch the deer's behaviour. They stood silhouetted on the ridge above me, barely 100m away. Ears flicking occasionally to check for signs of danger.

Myself, the deer, and the dog. Passing the time of day together.

Finally I arose and quietly moved on, leaving the pair to watch my departure. Until the next time we may perhaps meet. There amongst those silence places, but so near to the bustle of humanity at play.

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This reminded me to have a look at a book I got from a charity shop, 'England's Lost Eden: Adventures in a Victorian Utopia', about a sect called the New Forest Shakers. It seems really interesting based on the first couple of chapters.

There's a brief mention of the only New Forest story I know (apart from William and the arrow) - witches in WWII performing a ceremony to attack the Third Reich by magical means, as used to ward off the Armada... seems to have worked or we'd all be speaking German now ;)
That old chestnut! Which witch won the war
I'm sure John reglarly roams the Forest 'skyclad' performing occult rituals. That's why his pack is so light ;)
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