Thursday, August 21

Breasts outdoors

The BBC News website continues to provide a cornucopia of riches for those, like myself, cursed at times with a tangential view of the world around.

Today's article 'Clouds that look like breasts' could mean only one thing. Lots of detailed information for those of us interested in nephology. Like these people.

An interesting scientific discussion of those natural forces around us. With pretty pictures.

Definitely not a scurrilous attempt to boost traffic to this site with inappropriate subject matter. Not at all. I'm sure PTC is in total agreement based on his post today.

Wonder what the 'searched key-word' stats will show over the next few days though? Ahem.

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I thought you'd written 'nymphology' there for a minute. I really must get some new glasses. Specially since those hanging clouds looked more like cotton wool balls.
Mrs H won't agree they've fgot the right name. don;t hang low enough.
(If she reads this, I'm a dead man, and this is a suicide note!)
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