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Legalise Wild Camping - Magazine Monitoring

With the conclusion of Phase One of the Legalise Wildcamping Campaign there's been much interest in what would appear in the Outdoor print media. Unfortunately their lead time constraint, usually 2-3 months in the worse cases, doesn't seem to allow any comment on the outcome of the E-Petition. Well not as yet.

Those involved or supportive of the activity watch and wait with interest on that one.

An opportunity then for one of my semi-regular glances over some of the main Outdoor mags, whilst things tick over towards future publication dates.

I've recently returned to being a TGO subscriber, tempted by a recent cheap re-subscribe/direct-to-door delivery. And happily the August issue more than lives up to my personal expectations (admittedly high)

I had meant to jot some thoughts down last week, but the vagaries of modern life coupled with errant PC technology meant that time had past. Usually that would mean the idea is put on the spike, the opportunity gone and the timing wrong.

But a week later I still think that August's copy is that well put together that the chance to celebrate something positive really shouldn't be missed.

Roger Smith in his 'Inside Edge' piece offers some pragmatic advice based on his experience with Land Access changes and handling the conflicting interests of the organisations involved. Especially those in the Anti-Access camps.

"Never once did I go into an initial meeting with a confrontational attitude. Instead it was more of a listening exercise. This tends to start the process of creating a sense of mutual respect which you need for successful negotiations" …"You will never get 100% of what you want straight away"

Food for thought as we consider the next phase of the Campaign for Legalisation of Wild Camping in England & Wales.

(We really need a snappier 'badge' for that. How about
Legalise-It? Oops perhaps not. But then again…. some of that tactics I recall from that campaign could be quite entertaining. A Hyde Park Camp-In anyone?)

Chris Townsend compares Trail Shoes (what no North Face XCR 'Hedgehog' Chris?) A further demonstration, if one was necessary, of TGO's active policy to constructively involve themselves with the current lightweight gear phenomena.

"Ridges are the essence of what makes hill walking so addictive" writes Andy Stothert. And a resounding cheer from me as One Who Knows the Truth. Most certainly.

Chris T has a second bite of the cherry looking at three season sleeping bags. Regular readers of this blog may recall that my own particular interest in this since the
Spring Backpackers Club AGM. That's assuming I ever find one that packs down to the size of my Vango & is of similar weight.

Just a thought - it would be useful to see the packed down size as well in future tests if that’s possible?

Eddy Meechan looks at ultralight bug proof tents with his usual questioning approach.

And then there's Jim Perrin... hmm

I find his style is one that is highly enjoyable, or it just doesn't seem to work. But maybe that’s just me. Having devoured Perrin's book on
Don Whillans (highly recommended BTW) I’d since been disappointed with many of the TGO pieces. All a little too 'mystical' for my taste - if that makes any sense to you reading this.

But this month, a piece close to my heart. As one who spends probably 95% of my walks alone, with the exception of the dogs on local jaunts, Perrin's piece on solitude and the hills is a true gem. Worth the magazine cover price alone IMHO.

Buy the August copy of TGO Magazine for your own sanity! Don’t try to speed read it in W H Smiths this month. This is one issue to keep and return to on those occasional dark soul days when as you reach for the waterproofs you find yourself reluctant to step outdoors.

Credit where its due to Cameron and this production team. Here's one happy TGO subscriber this month. Now all you have to do it keep up in the future - easy peasy!

I'd also tried picking up Trail Magazine on a couple of occasions following some on-line feedback as to its content. But for some reason its become scarce around my neck of the woods. As a result the embers of a drawn out Sunday afternoon found me wandering out the local newsagent with the only alternative on offer - the July issue of Country Walking Magazine.

Not one of my regular reads to be honest. I'm certainly not its target audience and find the mag's tone a little too tame. However a couple of reasonable articles on Wild Camping caught my interest. Perhaps a brief walk on the wilder side for the regular readership, but delivered well - aiming to inform and advise the uninitiated.

And then a thought struck me. Well more sort of sidled up and nudged me casually with its elbow.

Perhaps this interest partly reflects the Legalise-It debate during the past months? Indeed the content of one section, summarising Wild Camping and the Law, seemed vaguely familiar in providing a summary of information the campaign had helped clarify (No criticism intended by the way if the journo concerned is reading this - the information is generally available for those prepared to dig)

If indeed the Wild Camping E-Petition has been able to inform and advise public interest to this extent, then that’s a creditable success for all those involved.

And a Big YAA-BOO-SUCKS to certain nay-sayers who couldn't see the point of any of it. And maybe still don't?

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"Buy the August copy of Trail for your own sanity"? - OK it's getting better but you mean TGO right?
Bugger! And you wouldn't believe how many times I've read that through tonight.
thanks for the catch chasrle

I must get these eyes changed
All part of the service. Plus I was worried about the sanity of your readers ;)

I'm beginning to suspect that PTC is slipping something in the water at Trail Towers and it's slowly taking effect. Either that or Trail are slipping something in the national water supply as I'm slowly warming to GT - see his review of the Marmot Grid 2 on YouTube.
Hi John
Enjoying your blog.
I too couldn't find Trail this month although I am sure I will survive.
Did a couple of nights hi camping in Snowdonia recently with the Vango 225. Although it was well above freezing I was cold at times. Have you found the same? I guess a liner would help.
Cheers John Ridd
I've started to use a silk liner, but its more a 2 rather than a 3season
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