Monday, July 14

Dartmoor wildcamping beckons once more

We've another UK Outdoor Blogger get together this coming weekend. For once its almost "local". Well Dartmoor in fact. And that's about as local as we're ever likely to get if we want to wildcamp without worrying about the access rights issue. Now don't get me started....

For us in the south it makes a change from the usual 4-5 hour northward trip just to get near to the area in question. Although yet ago the plucky Aktoman finds himself travelling far beyond his native Scotland.

Surely the next one is going to have to be north of our border - I'm sure Duncan is starting to pick up an English accent with the number of trips 'abroad' he undertakes these days.

As its a long weekend in an area I've some familiarity with there's a chance for some experimentation on this trip, and another FAQ Tip which might assist someone out there.


Old bean, I used to live down in England. If I recollect correctly, for a total of 5 of your years. I have a copy of my work permit in my old sporran. Don't you know.

Off to get my inoculations tomorrow. Pip, pip.

And thanks to Darren for the East-West journeys.

Local????? !!!!!

For Lord Elpus coming from deepest Suffolk-shire and picking me up in Cambridgeshire, its over a 5 hour drive! Don't even begin to try and work out how long it will take for Martin Rye, who is traveling first by train from Norwich to be picked up by Lord E.... etc etc etc.

I reckon I could get to North Africa in less time.

Now there's a thought...
Atkoman - we will be checking your credentials as a matter of course - can't be too careful these days. And none of that funny money either
Alan - you try living on the south coast where everthing is a journey. Well except France. And who wants to really go there?
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