Wednesday, July 16

Dartmoor Wildcamp, or is it a BBQ?

The local butcher has just changed hands. Oh hang on, that could be taken wrongly. Not an industrial accident, just that the ownership of said establishment has been revised.

The new man, hailing from South African, has an interesting assortment of ethnic trail food. Proper stuff rather that tasteless bought in the bag stuff.

Looks like this weekend's Blogger meet may turn out to be a DIY feast; Darren's bread-on-a-stick, my chewy spicy stuff; And those bits 'n pieces that always seem to appear from the depths of the various backpacks.

So who's bringing the toilet trowel? That's what we really need to be certain of.

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Toilet trowel? Isn't that what Darren's making when his bread sets hard on the stick?
don't remind him he needs a stick
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