Friday, April 17

Somewhere on Dartmoor

If this Blogger widget works as it should (edit-It didnt!)you'll be reading this post a few days after I slung the words together.

Today (Friday) I'm somewhere high atop the hills of southern Dartmoor, heading for my first (and long overdue) wildcamp of the year.

The sun beaming down on my slowly tanning face as I make easy work of the first ten miles of familiar trailway.

To the west the wide open vista of rolling Devon countryside. Ahead a few days for further exploration of the Dartmoor wilderness.

Alternatively ........its pissing down still. Visibility is nil in the cold dense mist. And I'm probably soaked to the skin with perspiration as I come to terms with my inadequate fitness.

But either way - I'll be smiling and content.


Simple and joyful pastime. Backpacking is so not complicated. Enjoy the moors.
Oh I did. Far too much methinks
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