Friday, April 10

I want to get away....

'How To Get A Girl To Do Anything And Everything In Bed - Be Absolutely Mind Blowing'

What an intriguing invitation lying in wait for me in my e-mail box first thing today, as I logged onto this damned electronic squawk box.

A quick conference with Mrs H confirmed my suspicion that I shouldn't follow-up the offer, unless it was
A) likely to involve a dynamite laced tobacco substitute
B) satisfy a desire of mine to be anatomically restructured, at minimal personal expense, before cock crow tomorrow

Ho hum. Everyday life yawns wide once more.

But. Today is different.

A week today I will be on the train heading towards Plymouth, one wary eye on my backpack nearby on a luggage rack; And likely a map of Dartmoor spread before me as I wonder where the hell I will be travelling over the coming days.

After far too many months of high intensity work & long hours I've finally managed to shake free a week of Me Time. A return rail ticket lies on the table beside me, a pass to whatever may take my fancy - for I am Dartmoor bound once more.

After the ungraceful end to last year's sojourns I'm off for a rematch. One more to travel South-North this time along the western side of Dartmoor, but then to return south back to my starting point, via a different set of tracks and hills.

Much beyond Day 1 is unplanned at present.

I know enough of the terrain to have mentally picked out Night 1's wildcamp. Beyond there.......well that is unknown territory and will be decided on the day, based on weather & my fitness level.

For the aim of this trip is to savour the journey whilst exploring new terrain. Beyond that no targets or schedules to maintain. Just movement, solitude and a return to the basic things of life.

Life. Hmm, a touchy subject at present. I think a follow-up post is in order on that particular point.

Lenny Kravitz - I Want to Get Away


Hi John,

If you're up for a pint, I'm soloing on Dartmoor from 16-19 this month and I'm bound to swing by Princetown at some point.
Love to Mark, but my route/schedule is rather undecided at present.
So if you come across a Very Short Haired guy with a black merino top and dark blue backpack - say hello for it may be me.

But best not mention the haircut!
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