Saturday, September 13

Live Hard; Die Fast;

Its not been the most invigorating of weeks, finishing off with local flash flooding.

But it could have been worse.

The curse of modern house construction on wildlife, despite the various window shadows we have used to deter potentially level flight paths.

But in this case a nuthatch decided an upper storey window was an exception. Unfortunately a mistake it won't be repeating.


Quite sad really, my mother in law had a similar occurance with a gold finch. My son (5 years old) brought it hom eto cut the wings off for his scrap book, the spaniel snaffled the bird but surrendered it when told to by the little one who was now in tears. Never-the-less the wings are now in his scrap book.

However, Mrs Shamus was waiting to pick him up from school when one of the teachers started talking about the great but unbelievable story that our little one had told her - 'about a GOLD FISH that flew into the window and killed itself'!!! Mrs Shamus corrected her by explaining the obvious translation error - 'Ohhhh dear me' she said ' I am getting a little deaf and I thought it rather odd'.

Whose blogg is this anyway? I tjink its time we both had a good walk on Dartmoor - dont you John?

Some we save, some we don't. Its the shock that does for them rather than any other damage

Dartmoor walk - now there's a good idea
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