Sunday, August 31

Audio on the move

I like nothing better than a long walk accompanied by the Siren sounds provided by my MP3 player. Content of a suitably high quality, naturally.

Whilst music is the preference during the at times repetitive nature of dog walking, it turns into a pleasure to stay out longer if I happen to be listening to an extended radio play, or set of interesting podcasts.

As ever on the look out for new auditory experience, I tripped across the RadioArchive site which deals primarily with high quality spoken-word material from the BBC's past broadcasts. I've no clue as to the legitimacy of what's on offer but the site itself clearly stresses "...ONLY ACCEPTS AUDIO MATERIAL WHICH HAS BEEN DERIVED FROM FREE-TO-AIR BROADCASTS VIA ANALOGUE RADIO / DIGITAL RADIO / DIGITAL TV / INTERNET STREAMING. DO NOT POST MATERIAL DERIVED FROM RETAIL PRODUCTS - IT WILL GET YOU AN IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT BAN FROM THIS AND OTHER SITES"

So there you have it. A treasure trove of classic BBC comedy, audio drama and spoken going back some fifty years or so.

Now all I need is a reasonably long walk. Say something that can keep me moving for the next 50-60 hours or so.

Simple pleasures. Exquisitely savoured.

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Thanks for that--I'll go and look.

Have you seen I get lots of books there.
yes PW - but I do like the free stuff, and the older classics are hard to find at the best of times
Ah! bit torrents not always the easiest to d/l
get a good torrent client (BitTorrent) and it tends to work 2 out of 3 times
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