Thursday, August 28

Wild Camp - As old as the hills : Part 3

Excerpt from the Introduction to 'Wilderness Camping in Britain'

"The best introduction to camping in the wilderness is to go out and try it......As experience teaches and deepens understanding of the problems involved there will come the longing to lose one's self .... not merely for weekends but for weeks on end in remoteness from the aptly styled 'rat race' of life, a remoteness which stirs the primeval instinct present in - but sadly dormant in - most human beings"
© Eric Hemery: Wilderness Camping in Britain 1970

And yet, some things shouldn't ever change.

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Amen to that. Already I am looking at aspects of foraging, re forage for food and carry less, mainly staples, ie, rice etc. On my next trip I amgoing to have a go at using a hobo line. Dawn
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