Tuesday, September 9

Cycling LeJoG - Charity begins before home.

If you've been following Trevor Woodford's Blog during recent months you'll be aware he's part of a small team intent on cycling LeJoG, reporting as he goes.

There is an reason behind this madness (Besides getting soaking wet, sores on unusual body parts & the chance to exchange expletives with speeding motorists!)

Their aim is to raise cash for the Dorset Kidney Fund as a personal thank-you for the charity's support of a team member.

Trevor, perhaps better known as Dorset Rep for the Backpackers Club, set off this morning. Meanwhile fundraising continues. So if you feel like chipping in you can via the ever increasingly popular Justgiving website.

Hmm - I wonder if anyone is running a sweep stake on the total number of punctures along the way?

A thought here.

Human nature being what it is, with our busy lifestyles it often takes a personal, maybe tragic, life event, affecting someone we know, before our support for a charity kicks in.

So to those of you currently filling out TGO Challenge entry forms, how about using the trip to raise some £££s to benefit someone else at the same time, even if its only in a small way?

I'm not a great fan of charities per se. After all there are some truly weird and wonderful ones about these days it seems to me. But on a personal basis I regularly donate a small monthly sum to a couple of organisations, one being Mountain Rescue.

The amount isn't large. However over the years the hope is that my regular drip feed of income leaves them free to get on with their work, rather than spending time fundraising.

And I don't even expect to get a preferential service in the event I should possibly call out the MRT. Not even if I do want to fly in a helicopter one of these days.

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