Wednesday, April 22

Dartmoor Five Day Walkabout: Fri April 17th

Only my first day's route was planned in advance. As to the rest? Well try to break new ground where possible but listen to the weather, the ground over which I travelled, and most importantly my level of fitness on this first serious outing of 2009.

Working on previous experience I hopped off the train at Ivybridge and straight onto the Two Moors Way heading northwards along its wide track. This year, as the TMW diverted eastwards
(Two Moors Way Marked Stone)
I continued onto unmistakable spoil heap of the Red Lake China Clay Works (GR 645 668)
(Red Lake)
Water refuelling on the way was not a problem despite the sunny conditions, thanks to those markings I’d made on the map last year as to its likely locations. As a result my pack, though heavy with a week's worth of food/gas was at least unladen by excess water. Still it felt rather heavier than I really felt comfortable with. But despite racking my thoughts I really couldn’t see what I would have left out, and still remain with that margin of safety & comfort which I insist on as a solo wildcamper.

Sat by the three lakes, amongst the grassed over spoil of other's toil long ago I had the place to myself. Indeed I’d met few people on the trail during the day. A good start. Picking a pitch part way up the hill at 449m I had panoramic views before me, and some protection from the wind behind.


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