Wednesday, September 10

A dog's life

I lost a long time walking companion today, after a period of waning vigour and her zest for those things she enjoyed.

A reminder that to distinguish this thing we call Life, an End is necessary to mark the way. And that way, the life that is lived, determines its value.

Which when it is becomes one of an increasingly listless and disinterested spirit is really no life at all. For a dog, or indeed any of us, as we bumble our way through pain and pleasure, ever onwards.

As usual you needed my help to. A poignant moment as I prepared your final bed deep beneath that sunny spot you'd come to enjoy so much in recent times.
RIP Midge.


sorry for your loss.

Thoughts are with you.
Sorry to hear of your loss.

It's always difficult when a loving and faithful companion leaves us.
Nicely put JH. Midge is now surely in doggy heaven.
John, sorry..thinking of you.
RIP Midge. So sorry to hear of your loss, John.
Thanks folks - both from myself and also Mrs H. She's the one who's been truly hit as she took the that difficult and final decision on her own shoulders.
I am sorry to read that John.

A friend and fellow search dog handler once said to me: 'it is better for a dog to be put to sleep a week early than a week too late'
Exactly our thoughts. Its just difficult recognising that point without some element of guilt. But rather that than unnecessary suffering.
They always leave a hole which can't ever be filled. They give so much and ask so little in return. I have tears in my eyes for you John. Know you made the right decision.
definitely a space around the house that shouldn't be there.

Anyway me and the other one are about to wander out for a NF sunshine walk, and a sneaky few biscuits to help settle him down
Aw hell. My hearfelt sympathies to you both.
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