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Outdoor Blog: State Of The Nation 3 (The Tao of Walking)

Currently it's that last paragraph of the previous post that continues to vex me the most. The reason this piece has so easily flooded out onto the screen as I sit here trying to tie up the lose ends and make myself understood.

On a personal level I function best when I understand where my effort is going; To improve my effort along the way; To be amongst the best, within my chosen limitations, life responsibilities, and personal attitude. And most importantly. To enjoy the journey, along with good company when possible, but prepared for solo jaunts if necessary.

My own personal credo. And totally unlike your approach. Yes even you over there hiding away in the Internet Cafe corner, trying to stay out of the rain, and coming across this through boredom. For we are all each unique with our own personal worldview and interaction. But still so similar in a number of areas when it comes to our ability to function as integral part of modern society.

Perhaps the outcome in giving this blog a life will be a change my own circumstances as a result of what I provide and lessons learnt along the way. There's a positive example of change with the 2007 Outdoor Blogger Meet-ups. And what a fine bunch of easy going folk they are.

All this to be achieve alongside a take-on of new skills; A certainty of some trip-ups along the way; And all very public.

Now, as I read that back to myself, once more deeply into a piece originally intended as a short snappy post I realise what may be missing. And no it's not a better editor, or even the ability to close this computer down. Behave now!

This venture needs a GOAL to aim for; An AMBITION in mind; An AIM to work towards;

It's at times like this that Management Consultants are paid huge amounts of cash to listen, write down what I say, and then repeat them back at me. With a full set of confusing buzzwords. And for a large wedge of cash.

J.Hee Enterprises Inc is run on a tight budget. That's a VERY tight budget. Or to put it another way, whilst rich in skills, a willing workforce, luxurious attic premises and oodles of initiative there is one drawback. No Real money.

That's Real as I in nothing you'd care to try to pass in a shop without being prepared to swiftly flee when challenged (Ah the scope offered by these high-resolution copier/printer thingies these days - lol)

New gear costs real money - so thats where it goes alongside food/wine/song/and woman. An increasingly large amount so it seems these days as more specialist outdoor kit is acquired. And of course all is nothing without my life partner, Mrs J, who I so thoughtfully obliged with co-voting rights (And in turn I get to sleep without any undue safety worries as to my health)

So after a spirited discussion the Board of Directors has instigated an internal review (i.e. free) and has delivered it's considered findings. Yes that's right folks. The easy way out. It's time for ........

The Mission Statement (Oops - I went and used a Very Naughty Word)

It's true message has
been rattling around the inside of my head for a few days now and seems to recognise where I believe my strengths lie, and gives me The Edge. A measurement to consider for that internal dialogue before deciding whether certain thoughts are worthy of a public outing. And in what manner to present them. So without further ceremony, here we go:

'Walkabout in the UK: The Tao Of Walking, Backpacking & Wildcamping.
Seeking to better communicate the WHY of WHAT these activities mean on a personal level; And to those WHO are associated with such actions; To assist others to better understand the HOW, WHERE & WHEN'

Or to rephrase it - to attempt to express the feeling and emotion which accompanies my deep enjoyment of movement, the outdoors, and related activity. To touch that sense of deep fulfillment that comes after a day on the hills, and a night in a strange and remote place. The natural world so readily accessed but so difficult to really touch in spirit. At least that's my main intent rather than fall into step with the gear review/route guide report approach.

What effect will that have on content? Well probably not fat lot in the short term. Although some of my more facetious asides may be heavily censored. Well perhaps not that heavily - all part of my rich and so loveable character.

But entertainment and informative will of course be the bedrock. Otherwise you may as well go and buy a dry reference book such as 'Teach Yourself Camping'. And we don't want that do we now? (And a quick web search surprisingly reveals the nearest modern day offering is THIS. At least THIS is on topic, if a little quaint. So perhaps you're stuck with me for a little while longer. Hee hee)

So. In keeping with the Tao. A little meditation to get us all in the mood. Eyes closed. Take a deep breath ........ In.......and repeat after me ........

(Pronunciation Guide Available)

What? That's too difficult? No, surely not. But how did read that with eyes shut? Sure you didn't take a peek at the rest of us looking so strange?

Ooh - I can be a little tinker at times.

Johnnies in the house tent again.

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John, I really have enjoyed this mini series of yours. Well done, very thoughtful and deep (won't get any of that on my blog).
You provocative little tease..! Like WD I too really liked your thought-provoking burst of blogging over the last couple of days. Difficult, isn't it, to write about the Tao of Walking (or the Art of Walking, the Aesthetics of Walking, the Joy of Walking, the Spiritual Side of Walking, call it what you will) - and hold that line between the prosaic and the pretentious... You use the strategy of pushing ideas out there then withdrawing into humour and self-deprecation. Yes... it works! You have already written what I'm sure will be one of my favourite bloglines of the year: "The natural world so readily accessed but so difficult to really touch in spirit." Yes, yes, yes... You've got to some sort of nexus here.
Yes - I generally dislike the idea of Mission Statements but I like yours.

Many years ago I read (well, started to read) a book about a continuance round of all of the Munros and the Corbetts. I think that it was called Climb Every Mountain. It was almost the antithesis of what you are talking about: it was in dairy form, a kind of baggers Bridget Jones Day 1 Peaks 3, Meals 3, Weather never came close to 'touching the spirit of the natural world'. is very easy to fond yourself simply giving a step-by-step account of where you went and what you saw.

I look forward to more Tao of Walking!
Thanks for the supportative comments - Now I had try to live up to it all!
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