Thursday, February 11

Duct Tape

Got some in your kit yet?

Whyever not.

Strong and semi waterproof repair.

Plenty of uses in the first aid kit.


Sunday, March 29

Well, with all the current shenanigans going on (bet you'll not hear that reference in the media!) I thought it might be time for some sort of resurrection of this mechanism.

(That is if anyone still follows these sort of things - me, I still write letters)

But this is not for me you understand. No no no. Its really for us outdoorsy folk who've suddenly found their plans and dreams piled up by the back door. Which some bastard locked tight. And then bricked up.

(And then probably posted on FarceBook with a twee comment)

Go figure.

Which for some of you means the safety valve of The Great Outdoors (Trade Mark applied for) has been trampled on.

Well kids, those of us longer in the tooth can remember Foot & Mouth, and due to our prior Life Circumstances and incredible Longevity (well so far this year) have developed a number of coping strategies over the years. Which may be of use.

Then again I could be blowing smoke.

To quote Pink Floyd - Is there anyone out there?

Sunday, January 22

Blow you Bugger, Blow

Thanks folks for the kind welcome back.

Back from where? Ah that's another tale, and one that will have to wait awhile.

For the moment - some snaps from today's New Forest saunter.

Whitten Pond near Burley is usually a place of peace and tranquility. However today's gusts seemed to think this a little tame, insisting on trying to push the pond content's down to one end.

First time I've seen waves like this on an inland NF pool.

(yes I know its side on. Bloody Smartphone cameras. You'll find a "rotated" version below but the sound and picture are even worse)

And later, wandering away from my usual route, I chanced upon this victim of the local gales.

These snaps don't really show the wind force - the trunk is approx one metre thick, but still its been cleanly snapped off at a point some 3-4 metres above ground.

Oops there goes my hat again!

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Sunday, January 15

Legalise wild camping - Background information

For anyone seeking the Campaign website, I noticed earlier today that its no longer on-line.

However as much of the information there still stands good this link should give you access to a backed-up version.


Wild Camping: The Legalities

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Tuesday, May 17

Still, still here ....

Well there went another good intention! Oh so poorly addressed. Typical behaviour at present.

So looking back.....

a spur of the moment few days wildcamping at a couple of special Dartmoor spots noted on previous trips.

Short sleeves obligatory with the unseasonal heat. Such a positive mood enhancer.

Sun protection unnecessary courtesy of the previous weeks on a Caribbean beach building up an obscenely brown skin tan.

(turtle watching an unexpectedly unique bonus)

But Dartmoor's sting in the tail - thick mist and rain on the final morning. Full foul weather gear, including gloves. A reminder not to expect too much of the season.

Back to the everyday ennui that is my present existence.

Ho hum. So it goes.


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