Monday, February 8

Scottish Wildcamping & the Pressgang(ed)

Today's mutterings come to you courtesy of the letters L, P & W.

L - as in Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park current garnishing
opinion as to their proposal to put in place byelaws that would ban informal camping contrary to Scotland's Right To Roam enshrined under their own recent statute.

P - as in Petesy (aka PTC) the first Blog article across which I stumbled across earlier this evening.

Happily - I know not how- someone else has recognised Petesy's credentials and invited him to contribute to Tuesday's BBC Good Morning Scotland program.

Well ok, it may only be radio, but on top of his past pieces for Trail Magazine (back when they paid contributors), surely that means a move onto the Celebs F list?

That's still a couple of legs higher than Katie Price IMHO.

Eeerr ...that didn't come out quite as I intended it to.

Oh well.......and finally ..............

W - as in Weird Darren - Oops make that Whitespider1066.

Stalwart of the Legalise Wildcamping Campaign Darren wandered into the 2009 Backpacker's Club AGM. May be his attention was still a-wandering. For by the time he left the meeting he'd become the BPC's latest Club Secretary.

(Now there's a sneaky move - looking for committee nominations at the end of a long meeting when the audience's defences are down)

Since then Darren's been doing a steady job representing the BPC.

Which is why his is the second Blog article concerning Loch Lomand plans that I bring to your attention this evening.

And nothing to do with the fact that the BBC (THE BBC for Chrisssakes!) quote him by name.

And even provide a hot link through to
his Blog. (Now which Celeb list does that qualify him for I wonder?)

Nice one gents - you even scooped my usual Outdoor News Ticker Tape.

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It's interesting stuff this John.
As I'm local I've probably got a different perspective on this, the area they're talking about is a real problem, and I feel for the folks who live on the road to Rowardennan.
I'll have much more to say after tomrrow's meeting, I'm looking forward to hearing more that I can read in the document.
And a good account you gave PTC - thanks
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