Tuesday, May 9

DAY 2 Wed 6/7/22 Great Links & Little Links Tors

 Predictably normal Dartmoor weather had resumed.

I walked back to the car through low mist, using compass and map to finr Gutter Tor, and the short hop back to my car.

Onto the next spot.

I parked up at the Fox & Hounds (525 867) on the Tavistovck/Plymouht Rd. I popped in for a meal, and a polite word with the landlord to check it was ok to park up for the night. 

This pub is well recommended - always friendly to walkers and backpackers.

Making my way up the track to Nodden Gate and onto the open moor, I headed northwards passing Great Nodden to my right.The Westerly wind was unremitting all the way, but the track was clear and well made. I stopped to stock up on water for the evening (549 881) Taking a moment to shelter out of the wind, and take in the views to the west


and my destination for the night

Great Links Tor (550 867)

The pathway was good enough to drive along all the way from the pub to just below the tor top.

Which made for a plodding slog really, as the continuous wind had by now become very very irritating.

I found a sheltered spot available to my eyes. Fantastic views, but not a spot to stand around for long when the wind is blowing from the West.

Great Links Tor

After a coffee I decided to explore Little Links Tor (545 869) - another tick on my Tors-To-Visit List

Little Links Tor

I spotted a well sheltered wildcamp spot here on the northern side - one for the future possibly?

A quiet night, except for the sound of continual wind buffeting.

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