Friday, June 24

 DAY 2 (p.m.) Wed 15/6/22

I was feeling lazy in the heat, so a trip into Tavistock to see if I could replace my 1 litre platypus bladder which had finally started to leak. 

After 20 years of use I wasn't very surprised.

Always a delight to visit Tavistock, but I rarely manage to restock any camping supplies. And this time it was no different despite trying the camping, running & cycling shops.

A quick pasty and back onto the moor, heading for Princetown.

There I restocked on some basic food items, and visited one of my favourite shops Ice Warrior .

I've always visited Jim & Sam, whenever I pass through Princetown, being a happy customer ever since they opened.

It was a risky venture, when they originally opened, as Princetown was going through yet another of its 'dying off' phases. 

But happily, despite the impact on the outdoor trade during the last couple of years, the business remains strong, and the people friendly. Always useful for local knowledge and potential wildcamping locations away from the increasingly touristy wildcamping fraternity.

And I even spotted a replacement platypus. And a new polartec fleece (well - got to get new kit when you can!)

With the weather remaining hot and clear tonight was a no-brainer.

Back towards Tavistock, and the car park opposite Great Mis Tor (GR 562 768). Another favourite spot of mine with views into the moorland wilds, or turning around, far away to Plymouth Sound.

 Great Mis

In good weather, a truly delightful wildcamp. 

But in foul weather (and it can turn on a sixpence on this tor) a nightmare requiring careful compass work to get back to the car park. Or face a long walk back along the road. 

Settling in late afternoon I tried yet another camping spot, this time protected by rocks on two sides to avoid wind gusts overnight. 

The wind direction here can shift through 180 degrees overnight, so having been caught out in the past, after choosing a more exposed ridge location, I hoped for better from this one. 

And happily it proved to be a great location, one I'll definitely use in future.

And still hugely panoramic views.



 Great Mis

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