Friday, June 24

 DAY 2 Wed 15/6/22

A restful night, far from the usual sounds of man. Instead the welcome song of skylarks & the restful calls of the occasional sheep.

Today was a long promised visit to Lints Tor (GR 579 874) I'd seen it nestling in the foot of the valley on a previous trip and always fancied spending a night there.

I followed the clear track from Yes Tor onto High Willhays (GR 580 892)

 I snapped a couple of pixs with a new mini camera, as a test, and then headed for Dinger Tor (GR 586 881)

 High Willhays

 High Willhays


(finally a picture that worked - cheap bloody camera!)

During a water stop I mentally mapped out the route to Lints. Based on my previous trip I decided to contour around to the east, on a clearly defined track, rather than deal with the rough ground of the more direct route. Good call.

As I neared the tor I met a fellow wildcamper who'd spent the night there. 

He told me that the tor was teeming with lizards. But also ticks (widespread across the moor - I heard similar from many I spoke with during the week)

He'd managed to pick up 4 in one evening.

I decided to stay with my usual approach of long trousers, despite the hot weather, having been caught out by ticks when wearing shorts in the Lake District many years ago.

Checking out the tor top I spotted a couple of potential camping spots before reversing my steps back to Dinger Tor and for once actually walked around the tor looking for potential campspots. The spot below the tor rock is used by sheep as a shelter, so is covered in sheep droppings. But I did find one or two better locations for a possible return.


Then back onto the military road heading back down to my car.

As always a welcome to have an easy route, but a pain knowing the effect it can have leading to sore feet.

Packing up the car, my fellow camper appeared on the track, having worked over Willhays and Yes, and now on his way to Okehampton Station. He clearly knew the area well as my offer of a lift to the station was quickly accepted.

But before that we tried a two man tick removal exercise on one little bugger he'd picked up but couldn't remove. No joy - it was just too small.

Probably explains the number of lizards on Lints Tor though!

Overall a simple 5 miler over typical Dartmoor terrain, with my pack, weight and fitness all working well despite the heat.

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