Saturday, September 25

Rambling Man

As these boys once coyly observed - 'It's been a long time since I R&R'd'.

Or so it would appear based on the empirical evidence of my recent minimalist posting frequency.

There's a Good Reason for this.

Well perhaps not A Reason. That normally indicates some form of defence position associated with a blameworthy deed.

So lets try An Explanation instead.

Yes, that feels a far more honest way to express my intent.

Regular readers (or at least any of you still following these jottings despite patchy outpourings over recent months) may recall my explanation of editorial policy back in 2008.
(The full article can be found here, here, & here for any so inclined)

'If you've nothing to say, say nothing'

A trap, as I observed at that time, which is all too easy to spring on one's self.

At the same time I've observed over recent months a certain creeping ennui amongst a number of the Outdoor\Walking Blogs that I keep up with.

Now that may just be my own personal reflection on life at present. Or perhaps the format & content of the Outdoor Blog, per se, has reached its maturity. And with this arrival of 'comfy middle age' has come an inevitable complacency.

Whatever the situation it seems I have been especially uninspired for the last few months to spend the lengthy time it requires to jot down some credible thought or observation worth sharing.

No apology for this. If the passion is missing, the writing can never be anything more than turgid entertainment even when at its best (IMHO)

I had hoped to be attending the Outdoor Trade Show at Stoneleigh this weekend. Especially as the Press Pass, kindly issued by the organisers, sits besides me still beckoning alluringly, and the pre-show information had my interest piqued.

But a sudden opportunity (one long overdue) to flee to foreign climes for a impromptu break means the show trip has fallen by the wayside as I instead resolve last minute holiday arrangements.

So where does this leave this particular Blogger?

Perversely, and despite all of the above, in a good place.

Life events, conjoined with a recognition of The State of Things, are leading to a certain point. One where for the first time during my adult life I find myself speedily approaching a crossroad on what has become a long but increasingly tedious track.

Ahead there are many interesting diversions offering the time & resources to freely select my pattern of living into my future. Which carries that somewhat scary penalty of (virtually) unlimited Free Choice.

Too enigmatic? For certain reasons I must at present remain circumspect about the detailed background.

But my hope, on your part dear reader, is that my current lethargy is about to be Blown Out Of The Way. A Wind Of Change is a-gustin' in these parts. And with it, I trust, an extra sparkle of content variety will result for your own R&R purposes.

But hark. I hear the tannoy's call, urging me to hurry onwards for embarkation and the welcoming embrace of my personal Flight Attendants. Or Airline Sales Reps as they have become in these days of low budget flying.

Meanwhile I leave you with this short, but oh so sweet, commentary on life.


It sounds like a change is coming your way, then. Often, it's what's need to reboot things for many of us. You never know but it might even give you more to say. Now, what I need to do is overcome my lethargy after the effects of a recent changeover. All the best in whatever comes your way.
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