Saturday, September 4

Cumbria Floods - Journalistic Licence Cancelled?

If you happen to remember my previous comments about naughtiness at a really inappropriate time you may recall my May '10 update that formal charges had been brought.

Well thanks once again to Grough, there is a conclusion, of sorts, to this tale of woe.

The trial started last Thursday, during which the legal representative quit.

By Friday the court had declared a Guilty verdict.

Regrettably the journalist involved "felt too unwell to attend the trial"

The local MRT response to the decision was an honest one, no doubt thankful that action has been publicly taken to warn against similarly hoax ideas.

And as for the punishment ........... the hearing was adjourned for reports, but with a warrant issued for the arrest of Ms Crickmer, who remained absent from her trial.

Keep 'em peeled folks.

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