Tuesday, May 9

DAY 4 Fri 8/7/22 Support The Warren House Inn

 A lazy start, still trying to work out the weekend weather possibilities.

My return route crossed over Scarey Tor (607 924) 

To quote the ever excellent "Dartmoor Tors Compendium" by Josephine M Collingwood - "Scarey Tor is not at all alarming"

I'd say this remains one of the definitive reference works for those wildcamping on Dartmoor, or just looking for choice spots to visit, as I've recommended before.

A year later and I'm still finding it an essential help for trip plans. I can't think of a higher recommendation than that.

Today was becoming increasingly hot & sunny. 

In fact too hot for anything strenuous -  so I decided to use one of my bug-out spots behind the Warren House Inn (673 809).

A lazy day feel to it - so a chance to get a pint and a meal. 

My night's sleeping quarters nearby, one that I've so regularly used I've lost count of the number of nights I've used it. An accessible location, offering an quick bad weather/lie-up refuge, safe from the worst elements whilst I weather watch. And it offers good road access to other parts of the moor with minimal foot traffic interrupting my peace and quiet.

So for once I could take in the view, rather than the more usual raincloud/Dartmoor mist.

(BTW: when I visited The Warren House was having very tough trading conditions, with the post covid/Brexit impact. The tourist coaches, typically from abroad, had dwindled to few a week. For a pub without any all mains connections the impact of diesel price rises was a hard hit being totally reliant on diesel fuel for power, lighting and cooking.

If you do pass by, drop in for a drink - its future is looking increasingly difficult and these type of establishments need our support.

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