Tuesday, May 9

DAY 3 (PM) Thu 7/7/22 Winter Tor, Higher Tor & Belstone Tor

During the afternoon I spent a little time exploring some of the military roads crossing the Okehampton Army range.

I can 'do' the long walk ins & steep ascents, but these days I prefer to use my brain rather than my brawn.

If there is a way to cut out the footslogging - then I'll take it. 

I've discovered that it is wildcamping element that appeals most to me. 

(Although every so often I think about another long multi day walking trip to enjoy that satisfaction of covering the distance once again. I was 50 then, perhaps a similar challenge for next year when I hit State Retirement Age.

Oh no- I forgot that particular goal post got moved back courtesy of HM Gov - The Swine)

By the afternoon ever playful Dartmoor was offering up sunshine with a hint that the wind was dropping.

I decided to park up at GR 601 919 at the north western edge of East Okement Farm. 

A rough track down the the stream, crossing Cullever Steps and then a clear track southwards onto Winter Tor (610 915), along the ridge to Higher Tor (612 917), and eventually onto  Belstone Tor (614 920) on Belstone Common.

Again a sheltered spot, the wind now west/north west - clearly the weather was on the change (Little did I know!)

Belstone Tor

A scenic spot, mildly popular with the hardier Okehampton locals, out on the saunter on an increasinly pleasant evening, but  quieting as the day drew to its end.

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