Friday, May 27

Still upright, still breathing!

Preparing for my next wildcamping escape to Dartmoor I've been reviewing over 20 years of trip notes in an attempt to consolidate it all onto one single map.

Which has meant turning the house upside down looking for old trip notebooks, for details of precise routes.

Which in turn resulted in a review of all my Dartmoor photos, trying to locate/date various interesting spots I'd marked as potential revisit spots one day.

Which brings me back to this blog.

(Phew, talk about a long winded way to eventually get to the point)

In these days of Facebook\Vidlogs etc I'd long ago come to the conclusion that the glorious days of 'The Outdoor Blog' were over. 

And it really doesn't help that so many of the original (and much mourned) fellow travellers seem to be no longer around to swop notes and ideas in such a suitable forum.  Many since gone on their own solo walk from which they will never return - miss you folks.

So it seems the useful days of shared information exchange have largely disappeared with the spattergun effects from the impact of Facebook et al.

Then there is the look & feel of this blog's format itself. I have trouble finding information myself! And I wrote/host it, so what chance do the rest of you have?

In the days of laptop\web browser viewing it worked, but for mobile users? Nah a right pig to navigate. Whatever the value of the content, if you can't get to it easily, it may as well be manure. Not to be waded through recklessly.

Time for a think as to this site's future. 

Once it was a useful method of recording my trips logs, but became a generally beneficial communication tool for others seeking information or (whisper it gently) entertainment.

After my next trip, with time again to spare, I'll see how relevant this remains. Depends if I have the drive to transfer my trip jottings over to the web.

(At least recording my trips on here I don't have to spend fruitless time searching for my bloody trip reports)

And perhaps there is a simple way to migrate this site to a new platform, one that is mobile friendlier. (any tips out there?)

Tapping out these jottings are a little like whistling into a deep mineshaft of solitary disinterest, so if there's anyone still out there, why not leave me a comment?

It'll inform my decision on where this goes next.....

Cheers wildcampers


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