Sunday, January 22

Blow you Bugger, Blow

Thanks folks for the kind welcome back.

Back from where? Ah that's another tale, and one that will have to wait awhile.

For the moment - some snaps from today's New Forest saunter.

Whitten Pond near Burley is usually a place of peace and tranquility. However today's gusts seemed to think this a little tame, insisting on trying to push the pond content's down to one end.

First time I've seen waves like this on an inland NF pool.

(yes I know its side on. Bloody Smartphone cameras. You'll find a "rotated" version below but the sound and picture are even worse)

And later, wandering away from my usual route, I chanced upon this victim of the local gales.

These snaps don't really show the wind force - the trunk is approx one metre thick, but still its been cleanly snapped off at a point some 3-4 metres above ground.

Oops there goes my hat again!

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Those pictures look dramatic. Sound as if the weather has been more dramatic down there than up here. Good to see you back again.

The wanderer returns! nice to ave you back.
Now then: Get writing. You have lots to catch up on.
I'm going to doing a sort of short tour of the south in the spring, starting in the New Forest before moving down to try out some of the South Downs. Great pictures by the way, looking forward to getting back down there.
Fantasmagorical to see you back John. Looks like you have been having some weather down there! Wonderful photos. There is a chance I may head down to Brockenhurst sometime.
it seems that 2013 is the year to restart blogging.ive brought puppy's world back from the brink.
welcome back

Hello mate

I hope this finds you in the pink. It would be good to hear from you some time.
All the very best to you

I hope this finds you in the pink.
It would be good to hear from you sometime.
All the very best

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