Tuesday, May 17

Still, still here ....

Well there went another good intention! Oh so poorly addressed. Typical behaviour at present.

So looking back.....

a spur of the moment few days wildcamping at a couple of special Dartmoor spots noted on previous trips.

Short sleeves obligatory with the unseasonal heat. Such a positive mood enhancer.

Sun protection unnecessary courtesy of the previous weeks on a Caribbean beach building up an obscenely brown skin tan.

(turtle watching an unexpectedly unique bonus)

But Dartmoor's sting in the tail - thick mist and rain on the final morning. Full foul weather gear, including gloves. A reminder not to expect too much of the season.

Back to the everyday ennui that is my present existence.

Ho hum. So it goes.


Looking good. You'll always have your memories!
Glad to see you are still around. Last trip was darn chilly, am envious of you getting all that sunshine.
Chin up John, I miss your blogging; your comments and earthy humour are appreciated. You say little to report, what you do write though is certainly not boring. Hang in there John.
I was skim reading your blog and thought there were giant turtles on Dartmoor!! Great pictures and I enjoyed reading some of your articles, thanks, David.
Turtle watching is the best...love when the eggs hatch!
Everything AOK down your neck of the woods, fella?

Post something - we all love hearing from you.

Chin chin!
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