Monday, December 13

The Outdoors Station - Another UK Podcast Award

Well done to Podcast Bob on taking the 2010 European Podcast Award as top UK Business Podcaster for The Outdoors Station.

Impressive stuff bearing in mind its the second time his Outdoor Podcasting endeavours have been recognised by the EPA as winner in this category in 2008/9 with Backpacking Light Audio.

You can see the announcement on the EPA site (around 10 minutes into the video)

Now onto the final stage for European Winner 2010 - fingers crossed.

Bob has recently changed the hosting agent for
The Outdoors Station site and it seems to be having a few teething problems at present. I checked with Bob earlier today and and he confirmed that the site is most definitely alive and kicking with Normal Service To Be Resumed as soon as the gremlins are sorted)

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