Monday, November 1

Normal Service ......

.......... is due to be resumed in the very near future.

Without going into the details I've stayed away from blogging whilst certain contractual obligations of a work nature played themselves out.

Well that phase has now been satisfactorily concluded. Which means I now have unlimited free time to look forward to after many, many years of drawing a salary.

Well for a while at least.

It's going to take for the change from gainful employment to sink in. But as I start to get my head around it all I will soon once more be blighting your day with a tirade of personal opinion and peevish humour that you may have been missing these last few weeks.

And boy have I lot of that stored up here at JH Towers. Enough to fill the spare room alarmingly.

But tomorrow sees me out on a road trip for a few days looking up family and friends, a long overdue obligation on my part.

So for any of you gagging for my pearls of wisdom better find a worm to place on your tongue whilst you await further missives.

With suitably baited breath.


Hi John
Best thing I ever did was stopping drawing a salary.....!
Looking forward to your future words of wisdom.
Waiting with bated breath John.
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