Sunday, August 22

The Speed of Change - Ripple

My recent comment as to the likely demise of the GPS unit as a individual piece of kit item has prompted some lengthy thought from Ebothy.

It seems the increasing use of Smartphone technology, out on the hills, concerns others of us with some experience of the operating conditions.

There's an old saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".

Given that the 'basket' in this particular instance seems (IMHO) to be poorly suited to the conditions and sort of use required.

Short battery life, with the added complication of replacement\recharge.

Robustness, durability & water resistancy of the particular model.

And that's just the phone itself.

I don't even want to think about the pricing & availability of of mapping software.

Too many drawbacks as far as I can see.

Any retailers out there reading this - please feel free to educate me further?


Absolutely fantastic to have two gear shops like these on your doorstep.I have actually bought stuff online from Rough Gear and their service was excellent.Contrast your area with Stoke on Trent where I live and we have had 2 really good shops namely Mountain Fever and High Peak Leisure close down in the last 2 years.We are now left with just the bog standard Blacks and Millets in the City Centre.Oh joy!!!
oops sorry posted under wrong section.
no problem
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